Matt Clifton

New York Sports Club

Personalize the gym experience for members + make getting a membership easy. 🏋️‍♀️


UI / UX / Branding / Illustration at Kettle


iOS / Web / Branding for New York Sports Club

We partnered with New York Sports Club to create a more personalized experience for their members. The project included a fresh rebrand, updated responsive website, new mobile app and in-gym redesign.

Our mission was to give New York Sports Club members a more modern and personalized experience.

I executed both the UX and UI for the iOS mobile app, website, developed brand iconography, and designed in-gym graphics.



Through user research, we learned that members often felt like their workouts got stale and they didn't know how to switch up their fitness routine.

We created digital experiences with a member first approach. Our mission was to help users make the most of their membership by developing features like personalized recommendations based on their fitness goals, favorite workouts, schedule and location.

We created this experience on an existing CMS, which was limiting, but forced us to think in terms of templates. From there we broke down the main navigation and began building out a flexible system based on the core pillars: class discovery, gym discovery, membership, and highlighting members / trainers alike.


welcome to the club

We used the homepage as a way to circulate users to each main navigational page of the experience using flexible modules that could be customized on the client-side with image and text. In order to showcase the new brand photography, our original wires were adapted to focus on full-width site imagery.


Find a Club nearby

One of New York Sports Clubs' many strengths is that clubs are located all over the city. Multiple locations are a huge value to members, providing them convenience and access. We brought that same convenience and access to NYSC's digital experience.


get into the details

On club detail pages, users can see info about nearby locations including hours, locations, photos, and amenities like laundry and babysitting. We wanted to make this page a gateway to users looking to join as well as existing members, some of which have passes allowing them to visit any location.

Users can easily begin the sign up flow here, or browse classes at the location. We also used this page to highlight the trainers at the gym–making the experience seem more personal and approachable. 

At the footer of the club detail page we display the membership options of the club as well as other clubs nearby based on geolocation.



For logged out users, the Find a Class page focused on highlighting classes at all nearby New York Sports Club locations. Users could either explore by browsing featured class tiles or by searching. In addition to individual classes, we placed training promotions and higher-end private fitness courses below.

For logged in users, the Find a Class page serves as a calendar of upcoming classes and classes we think they'll enjoy based on the classes they've signed up for in the past. Users can also be onboarded to set preferences around what kinds of workouts they enjoy. 



A 45% increase in monthly cart totals and a 63% increase in overall web conversion led to a 137% increase in overall monthly revenue.



A brand new iOS ApP

The New York Sports Club mobile app allows members to discover new classes, reserve them on the go and keep track of their progress.

Because we wanted users to seamlessly be able to search, book, and discover classes on their phones or desktop computers, both desktop/mobile web and the iOS platform share consistency in the overall user flows.


Gym access in seconds

Users land on their digital key tag when they open the mobile app. It's titled to the natural angle of users' wrist, making check-in at the gym super fast and easy. 


Build a weekly workout calendar

Members can use the Calendar feature to plan upcoming classes, which helps them set a weekly workout goal and stick to it.


Discover new classes to love

We heard from members that workouts can get stale and they want variety in their gym routine.  The Classes tab gives members personalized recommendations to help them discover new classes or find a specific class based on their fitness goals.


Reserve classes on the go. 

Members can filter classes by date, time, class type and instructor to quickly find the class they're looking for and reserve their spot.


Track progress.

Members can set weekly check-in goals and continue to track progress throughout the year.


The latest stats

40k+ Active Monthly Users
 75% Download Rate



To apply the new branding across all digital touchpoints, I developed a custom icon set inspired by the soft and hard edges of the new typography and logo. This added a playful touch to the mobile app's gym amenities and class categories.